About us -

The Kempo Karate Jitsu Alliance was founded to bring together like minded martial arts instructors from all styles to promote and reintroduce effective self defence methods from the old traditional martial arts that are in danger of being lost forever through over commercialisation, competetive sport and poor instruction in modern martial arts classes.

Modern martial arts have become so watered down that most no longer get the respect that they rightly deserve. If you currently teach old style practical martial arts and would like to be included in the KKJA network please contact us to be listed. If you are currently teaching a sport based system and wish to learn the old ways to include in your current style or are simply looking to join an existing class that teaches authentic methods then please feel free to get in touch with us, we have members within reach of most areas who can help you achieve your goals.

The KKJA is not a governing body, it is a network of like minded groups. It does not provide insurance or licencing.  The KKJA is free to join and organises training courses and seminars for instructors and students alike as well as providing access to the member groups regular classes. Other services on offer include grade recognition, grade promotion, help with formulating a syllabus etc. All services, classes, courses, seminars etc are obtained through the member instructors directly and any required fees are arranged with and paid directly to them and not the Kempo Karate Jitsu Alliance.